Neil Kumar, Ph.D.

Neil Kumar, Ph.D., is the chief executive officer and founder of BridgeBio Pharma LLC, a company focused on the development of novel therapies for genetic diseases. Prior to founding BridgeBio, he was a principal at Third Rock Ventures, a healthcare venture firm, where he supported and managed various portfolio companies in addition to focusing on new company formation and due diligence. He also held the role of vice president, business development and operations for MyoKardia, a precision medicine company working on targeted therapies for the treatment of rare cardiovascular diseases. Before joining Third Rock, Dr. Kumar served as an associate principal at McKinsey & Company, where he developed strategies for pharmaceutical and medical device companies and helped lead McKinsey’s personalized medicine efforts. Previously, Dr. Kumar was involved in the formation of a gene chip startup and was a technical consultant for AstraZeneca’s pathway signaling group.

Dr. Kumar is the author of several peer-reviewed papers in the fields of oncology and systems biology. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering from Stanford University and received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.